Bikes are wonderful; they symbolize the synthesis of process, function, and form that ought to be goal of all great design. That means my custom bike designs and fabrications are beautiful as well as specifically built to meet your needs. If you’re ready to invest in a hand-crafted tool that will get you to where you need to go, read more about my custom bike frame creation process.



I value every opportunity to build a custom bike that exceeds the client’s expectations of how it should function and feel. Read what previous clients have to say.

Sean Pants….on fire.

I used to swoon over those made-in-China bikes with the fancy paint jobs, carbon, BB30s, and “lateral stiffness.” And then I met Matt Budd; who convinced me that a bike really is a tool, and not a jewel (but can still look damn sexy). Budd is a mad scientist in every sense of the phrase. I may be the owner of a bike dubbed the “Crux-Slayer” but Budd is creator, and the one who put his heart and soul into a bike that I believe is the best I’ve ever ridden.
– Sean Pantellere

Ryan’s front triangle ready for stays….

My Budd Bike gets looks every time I ride it. People love the design, they love the build quality, and they immediately recognize that it is functional artwork.  I have zero regrets about having a custom frame built by Matt, and I would gladly recommend both the man to employers, and the bike to riders. I look forward to riding my bike, spreading the good word about Budd Bikes, and I can’t wait to see where the next chapter in Matt’s career will lead. Whether he is running a boutique exotic frame building shop or a designing the next light bulb, he is sure to bring a zany creativity that is somehow grounded in effeciency and durability.

-Ryan Kitchen

Nathans Bike..naked

Matt is a first-class hand-made bicycle builder. He does exceptional work for a fair price, taking personal requests into account and translating them into a beautiful product. He’s also a great guy, and someone I’d willingly ask to make me another bike in the future – I’m already planning it!

-Nate Deshmuck Towery