2nd Post from the Left Coast.

Sometimes you’ve got to just go with what you got, and then turn around and come right back so you can make some money. Carried way more than necessary for a single overnight but had to test the load capabilities of the un-eyeletted race bike, it can definitely be done better, and I can definitely go farther. Fun first foray anyway, and, now I’ve got the map to the hotspring. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, thanks for all the great advice I got from the folks out on Bainbridge Island.

Yes, those are inner tubes and a toe strap holding my trashbag waterproofed clothing roll to the handlebars.. and no, I’m not particularly proud of that.

The local cyclocross season starts in a couple of days here in seattle.Thinking of loading up again to camp near the course, rip some of the single track I found near the venue in the morning and check out some afternoon races this weekend. Afraid I won’t have funding to enter this weekend, shouldn’t make riding the course any less fun Sunday though.

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