First Post from the left Coast

Today’s brain storm is going to be figuring how best to lash my new tent to my old bike frame. Never toured before and most bikes that i’ve ever ridden or built were designed for free and flighty miles just cause of how much fun a fast bike is whether on road or trail. Being really far from home for a while has changed my perspective a bit though, and I want to be able to carry way more than would be comfortable on my back for a while. Never liked the idea of loading up the sides of the bike with racks and panniers, thinking maybe if I keep the load centered enough I can still rail corners whilst carrying a load. This thing is giving me surly envy for the first time in a long time. Would love to have Revelate make a bag to fit my trusty one off but I don’t think I can wait that long, the urge to ride trail to a farm over a few days is overwhelming all of a sudden for some reason.

Yeah, that is a plastic shopping bag strapped to my bag with inner tubes.

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