The View From the Floor (or) Current Projects

2 months in on the fresh paint on the All City redux and my daily rides with cooffee in hand and effects of being thrown into pick up are apparent…been thinking I’d rather pre emptively make a finish look worn in than have anyone sweat scratching it.
27.5+ tire clearance will be standard issue for all mountain trail frames….
As an engineering student living in something of a party house I’d on more than one occasion found a draft for a part I was working on revised overnite with only slight modifications to turn said widget into a cartoon penis….if that were to be a deterrent the astronauts would never have gotten off the ground, and so we have the chainstay wobbler nub on the dropstay.
A straight line may be the shortest distance but chain rings and mega fat tires get in the way…..
Downward dog is not low enough.
#theviewfromthefloor….explaining my predicament to a loved one they hit the nail on the head when they said, “you are in a cage made of bicycles ” they really weren’t amused at my response that I could get out of it by building more bikes and getting them sold….I remain as delusional as the beams of light #emanating from my anus…Trying to think of how I would cut my losses at this point is a mindbreaker….some tubing inventory a frame jig and some tools go on the auction block or a single sale lets me order the parts I’d need to order to build 5 more. Going to give till the end of the week to close a deal or close the door.

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