Cognitive Dissonance (or) Consulting Heavy Industry

I hate that I love being on social media just to hear myself speak…..I do rely on the open forum all too often to solicit advice from all the folks I’ve never met yet am somehow “freinds” with in the ether.  I respect a lot of the folks I end up conversant with in that manner but I’m told reddit is where to go to get a straight answer from folks who will tell you how foolish you are being with way less diplomacy due to their anonymity.  Whatever, this was the question of the day and a snip of the ensuing convo, cause why not, haven’t seen much traffic at the new old website so this is just another well to shout down.

“Hey financial wizardry types? I posted here before about selling out my 401k to invest it in my own business….I’ve been able to research and find vendors willing to take it on at a flat rate that may equate to a better rate than the tax penalty but not by much given that i have chump change (kept missing those waves on the long shot winners). I have an LLC formed in Washington State and need capital in the business accounts more than I need worry about savings in an old age that won’t be worth living to if I can’t make this business work quick. Any last words of advice before I liquidate on Monday, not feeling like the stock bounce can get much higher and I want out….time to pick up some steel instead. Mare Can Made.”

You think a screen shot of one of these conversations I have with myself can pass for a business plan? Me neither, time for fun with spreadsheets.

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